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Aliens Rock?!?

We're at Alien Rock. An amazing climbing gym in Edinburgh, in an old church. Ratho is closed to competitors, so Alien is being great to us.     ...

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Contribution to Funding

Canada’s Minister of State for Sport, the Honourable Gary Lunn, today announced an additional $328,000 contribution to the Boulders Climbing Gym Society for our expansion. This means we have 80% of the funding in place! Thanks Minister!...

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Communities Component of the Building Canada Fund

The Boulders gets $1.368 million in infrastructure funding from the provincial and federal governments. NEWS RELEASE The province of British Columbia has also partnered with the Government of Canada to ensure smaller communities with populations of less than 100,000 have access to infrastructure funding. An important step was taken this year to “top up” this fund and provide additional funding to communities of this size. In total, 84 projects are being funded today under the Communities Component of...

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