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New Climbers

So you’re ready to experience the growing sport of climbing – what next?


We offer two options for new climbers; rope climbing and bouldering. Every person must have a completed waiver to climb. To save time, we recommend completing our waiver before coming into the gym – click here.


In case you are ready to get right into climbing, for kids and youth, we offer camps, teams, and academy. For adults, we offer a Learn 2 Climb program which teaches you the basics of belaying and allows you, with a partner, to come into the gym at your convenience.

Option #1: Ropes


We wish we could have staff ready-to-go anytime for you to climb. That’s why we have two convenient times for you to drop-in and get on our walls safely and easily. Our Just Hang sessions include all necessary equipment and we provide the belayer (the person handing the ropes while you climb).

Option #2: Boulder


Bouldering is a great way to experience climbing without the need for equipment. Our only restriction to bouldering is you need to be 6 years old with a parent/guardian and 14 years old without.


How does it work?


Bouldering at our gym is designed using colour coordinated routes also known as “problems” that climbers work on over time. The colour of the problem is what signifies the difficulty – white the easiest and purple the hardest. For children, we have problems labeled KBC (Kids Boulder Circuits) which are specifically designed for their height and size. Refer to our helpful boulder information chart below which is posted at the gym.

If you have any questions please call us during our business hours at (250) 544-0310.