Gym Rules & Safety Policy

All belayers on the climbing floor must have passed a belay test, and be displaying their Boulders belay tag on their harness or chalk bag.  All lead climbers and lead belayers must have passed a lead check prior to using the lead climbing area.  All belay techniques must conform to the standard of the Boulders belay test.


Anyone on the raised blue protecting flooring must fill out a liability waiver form and go through an orientation of the climbing facility.  Observers are encouraged to use the mezzanine area or at the back of the new facility, as it provides the best views of the gym and climbers.


Instruction of belay techniques to novices is not permitted in the facility unless done by Boulders staff.


Do not boulder above the established bouldering height, marked by the designated lines.  This means that your hands should not exceed this level.  Climbers 10 years of age or older my climb to the orange line and climbers below the age of 10 can climb to the green line.  Spotters are strongly recommended when bouldering.  Use your judgment and do not hesitate to give a spot. Bouldering is not permitted in the new facility.


The order of priority within the gym is as follows:

Lead and top-rope climbers share highest priority with regards to right-of-way, followed by boulderers.

Spectators/pedestrians must keep out of the way of all climbers, and make themselves aware where climbers are above them.  Look around, and please stay out of the way.


Anchoring to the floor while belaying is not required, but it is mandatory for belayers who are belaying someone 150% of their weight (or near that). Novice belayers must also anchor down.  Lead belayers are not permitted to belay lead climbers more than 150% of their weight. There are no anchors in the new facility.

Top rope routes in the new facility will be designated by a white finish hold.


Staff persons reserve the right to reject any climbing equipment they deem to be unsafe.


All persons under 12 years of age must:

Be supervised by an adult, and are not permitted to belay – unless they are members of the Boulders youth programs.

Have their harness checked by a staff member prior to climbing.


Please communicate your climbing intentions to your climbing neighbors, and be especially diligent when it’s busy.  No monopolizing a route.


There is no admittance on the rappel tower unless accompanied by a certified staff member.


Please Do Not:

eat or drink on the raised blue protecting carpeted area.

use loose chalk. Chalk balls only.

climb or walk around in bare feet

write on the walls with chalk or anything else.

bring bicycles into the facility.

wear rings on fingers while climbing.

bring ringing cell phones (cell phones off please), chairs, water bottles, or anything else onto the climbing gym floor.

display a bad attitude. Be courteous to your fellow climbers.

wear anything on your harness other than what you need to do the routes (chalk bag and belay device). Unnecessary items have a way of falling off and hurting others (e.g. cell phones, water bottles, gear racks, packs, and water bottles).