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Essential Beta?

Midway through the second day of the comp, and we're all learning lessons. Like how to make instant oatmeal with only the in-room coffee maker...

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A Day of Inspiring Climbing

What a super fun day! The subway ride to the gym started a bit early this morning (6am!), and minus 9 definitely feels crisper than I remember. Dung, the comp organizer and owner of the Vision in Canmore, did a spectacular job. The route setting was phenomenal, and the comp actually ran ahead of schedule. Plus, all competitors got cool toques from Ambler. What more can one ask for? How about some inspiring climbing? Ashleigh Hawes starred...

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Off to the Races

The Island contingent has arrived at the North American Climbing Championships. Montreal is being kind to us Islanders, with the snow holding off until Monday and the temps just a tad below freezing. There are seven of us Islanders here: Ashleigh, Maegan, Natasha, Vernon, Liam, Justin and Ben. The challenge tomorrow might be the time change; it is only a 3 hour time difference, but we're meeting at 6 am tomorrow for a 7am Opening Ceremonies. I...

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We Feel A Need for Speed…Climbing

The difficulty portion of the Worlds is now done for Justin and Maegan. I'm super proud of both of them, as they climbed incredibly well - particularly given it is their first time at Worlds. They are both eager to get back to training in the fall, but are now focusing on supporting their 6 teammates tomorrow at semi-finals, as well as competing in the qualifying rounds of the speed competition.  "Speed climbing?!??!", you say? Yes,...

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First Day of Qualifiers

We're part way through the first day of qualifiers. Both Justin and Maegan climbed strong. Maegan topped her route, and Justin got to the tenth clip (out of 12). Woo hoo! There is another qualifying round tomorrow. We hope everyone's summer is going well!   - K. ...

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