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We Feel A Need for Speed…Climbing

The difficulty portion of the Worlds is now done for Justin and Maegan. I'm super proud of both of them, as they climbed incredibly well - particularly given it is their first time at Worlds. They are both eager to get back to training in the fall, but are now focusing on supporting their 6 teammates tomorrow at semi-finals, as well as competing in the qualifying rounds of the speed competition.  "Speed climbing?!??!", you say? Yes,...

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First Day of Qualifiers

We're part way through the first day of qualifiers. Both Justin and Maegan climbed strong. Maegan topped her route, and Justin got to the tenth clip (out of 12). Woo hoo! There is another qualifying round tomorrow. We hope everyone's summer is going well!   - K. ...

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Blue Mountains to Bondi Beach

It is late (10:30 pm) on Wednesday August 27th. It has been a fun few days of exploring. Justin climbed in the Blue Mountains, and Maegan explored Bondi Beach. Today was a quieter day, with a team trip to Manly Beach, and an afternoon meant to be spent quietly, getting ready for the qualifying rounds tomorrow. We're up early tomorrow, with a 6:45 am breakfast (we're opting for making oatmeal and fruit in the hostel kitchen, rather...

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Sydney by the Sea

We are here! We're tired and slightly stunned, but we're in Sydney and happy. We all knew, conceptually, that Australia is a long way away from Victoria, but our grasp of the obvious was definitely helped by a 15 hour Vancouver-to-Sydney flight. After landing (at 8am Sydney time on Saturday the 23rd), we stored our bags and set off on to take a train and ferry to Taronga Zoo. It is a fabulous place, although...

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Off to Oz!

It is 2:14 pm, and I’m not quite sure what Maegan Kelleway and Justin Ming are doing at this exact moment, but I’m starting to question exactly HOW much luggage I’m taking down under. The strangest thing in my luggage? It might be the bobble head moose, but more likely it is the ten red clown wigs (more on this in another blog). I also have a DVD player, with some pump-you-up dvds for the...

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