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A Day in Paris

We're on board the RER, heading back to Charles de Gaulle to pick-up stored luggage and mini-vans after a whirlwind 20 hours in Paris. Between 11:30am yesterday (when we arrived at our hotel), and this morning, we: walked under the Eiffel Tower and had a picnic lunch in Trocadero Garden  saw the Arc de Triump, Arc de Carrousel, and the (outside of the) Louvre walked across Pont Neuf to Ile de La Cite, and ate shaved ices in the...

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Nous Sommes En France. Quittez Un Message.

France is considered, particularly by the French, as the birthplace of modern climbing. It is also host to the 2009 World Youth Climbing Championships. Really, what better reasons to go? We’ve trained hard, and fundraised even harder, and thanks to the generous support of the local community, we head to la belle pays on August 11th. If you like climbing, or think the Boulders is a great place, or if you are a parent who is...

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The Results from Montreal

I was wrong about Ashleigh not being able to compete in speed finals today. Because the finals are a "bracket" elimination process, they needed her in so they had enough climbers to make a group of 4. Maegan was eliminated from her first round (when the group went from 16 to 8), as was Natasha. Liam wasn't able to participate because things were running a bit late and he had a plane to catch. Ashleigh placed 4th in...

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3 Minutes to Faster Climbing

Here are the results for the speed climbing qualifiers - proof that the 3 minute lesson developed by Team Canada replaces months of training. Justin - 3rd, moves on to finals Liam - 6th, moves on to finals Vernon - 9th, missed finals by one spot Maegan Kelleway - 7th place, moves on to speed finals Natasha - moves on to speed finals and Ben is just way too cool to speed climb. Because I have to leave for home before the...

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