Libor Hroza, Facility Manager | Head Coach

Professional climbing coach 🏆
European Champion 2013, 2015 🐥
2x Former World Record Holder 🌍
Training Camps & Clinics 💪

Nick Bekolay, Coach | ACMG instructor

When Nick isn’t Teaching Climbing at Boulders you can bet he is climbing up a mountain somewhere.

With many years experience up in high country and With Search a rescue you can feel great with Nick as your instructor.

Takuma Valcourt, Coach | ACMG instructor

“Climbing is my Passion”

With an avid love for the outdoors and and anything to do with rigging,
Climbing and multi discipline Climbing We would be surprised if you haven’t seen him at the local crag.

Elan Jonas M, Setter| Head Route setter

when hes not off exploring a FAR off crags in the middle of no where, or sending hard projects you will find him setting 5.13’s 5.14’s here at the boulders.

Max Considine, Coach | ACMG instructor

Max has been here longer then the chalk behind the walls.

When max is not climbing you will find him at a five star restaurant eating fine cheese and wine.

Graham Proulx, | Setter Asst. Manager ACMG instructor

With a background as a teacher graham is a wonderful part of our team

Hannah ArchDekin, Coach | ACMG INSTRUCTOR

Hannah’s enthusiastic attitude has always kept our participants smiling

Josh Allen, |ACMG instructor

Josh is not only a climbing instructor but also a red seal chef. Bon appetite

Liam Paul, |ACMG instructor

Liam started as a student here and is now part of our instructor team

Will Salkeld, Coach | ACMG instructor

Will loves to raise the bar when it comes to activities!