Nous Sommes En France. Quittez Un Message.

France is considered, particularly by the French, as the birthplace of modern climbing. It is also host to the 2009 World Youth Climbing Championships. Really, what better reasons to go?

We’ve trained hard, and fundraised even harder, and thanks to the generous support of the local community, we head to la belle pays on August 11th. If you like climbing, or think the Boulders is a great place, or if you are a parent who is enjoying the relative quiet of your home sans teenagers, please visit/support/thank our sponsors! Particularly Considine and Company, Ascent Public Affairs, Van Isle Marina, Fingerworks Telestrator, Peninsula Co-op, KMP Architects, On Top Mountaineering Inc, the Coells and Alan Lowe Architect.

Check back here every few days to follow along as Andrey, Ashleigh, Cole, Evan, Maegan, Max, Samantha, Stephen and Vernon explore France, while Phil and Kimanda try and keep up.

Our basic plans: Paris for a night, a week of mountaineering and alpine climbing in Chamonix, a week of climbing in Ceuse, and then on to Valence for the World Youth Climbing Championship.

– K.

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