We Feel A Need for Speed…Climbing

The difficulty portion of the Worlds is now done for Justin and Maegan. I’m super proud of both of them, as they climbed incredibly well – particularly given it is their first time at Worlds. They are both eager to get back to training in the fall, but are now focusing on supporting their 6 teammates tomorrow at semi-finals, as well as competing in the qualifying rounds of the speed competition. 

“Speed climbing?!??!”, you say? Yes, speed climbing. Both the USA and Russia send completely separate speed climbing teams, and train seriously for it. I am not sure the Canadian attitude to speed climbing is similar. Andrew Wilson assures me that he has a patented 5-minute speed climbing seminar designed to ensure our entire team is prepared to compete in qualifiers tomorrow… Maegan, Justin and I will take notes and share the salient points with everyone upon our return.

I’m heading to bed, as I’m heaps knackered (does this sound vaguely Aussie?). Maegan and Justin are talking about heading to the Krispy Kreem to celebrate their performances today – but I think there is some discussion about whether this is the best training for their speed climbing debut tomorrow!

Thanks everyone!


The Boulders Climbing Gym