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Off to the Races

The Island contingent has arrived at the North American Climbing Championships. Montreal is being kind to us Islanders, with the snow holding off until Monday and the temps just a tad below freezing.

There are seven of us Islanders here: Ashleigh, Maegan, Natasha, Vernon, Liam, Justin and Ben.

The challenge tomorrow might be the time change; it is only a 3 hour time difference, but we’re meeting at 6 am tomorrow for a 7am Opening Ceremonies. I think it is best if we all stop thinking about what time it is back home!

I would provide the running order, but it might be a bit in the air owing to some competitors being stuck in the US in transit because of a snow storm.

In general, the climbing for the difficulty competition starts tomorrow at 8am. It is flash format, with the first qualifier round running from 8 am to 2pm, and the second qualifier running from 3 to 9pm (ish).

Saturday is semi-finals, with iso opening at 7am, and climbing starting at 8am. Saturday at 4pm is the start of the speed qualifier.

Sunday starts with lead finals (iso at 7, climbing at 8), and the speed finals from 2pm onwards. Check back for updates!


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