Off to Oz!

It is 2:14 pm, and I’m not quite sure what Maegan Kelleway and Justin Ming are doing at this exact moment, but I’m starting to question exactly HOW much luggage I’m taking down under. The strangest thing in my luggage? It might be the bobble head moose, but more likely it is the ten red clown wigs (more on this in another blog). I also have a DVD player, with some pump-you-up dvds for the endless hours in isolation. Thanks to Marty from Rampage, and to my colleague Brad Daisley for a hilarious early 20th century piece called “Three on a Rope”… it is a classic, and should make everyone appreciate their current snazzy harness.

We all board a flight late this evening in Vancouver, and land early on the 23rd in Sydney. I’m going to be posting regular updates on the progress of our climbers, both on this website (for the Saanichton crowd), and on the Competition Climbing Canada website. Don’t expect much between now and the 23rd, though. I do have my blackberry with me, as I’m helping with team communications, so feel free to send short notes to Justin and Maegan through me. 

While the competition starts on August 28th, there will be lots of training, exploring and adventuring occurring between now and then.

It has taken a lot of effort from lots of people to get to the departure gate for the World Youth Climbing Championships. Everyone should be very proud of their efforts, from Justin and Maegan, to their teammates, our great team of volunteers and staff at the Boulders, and the greater climbing community. We’re part of a Canadian delegation totalling over 50 people, with a large part of the effort being contributed by the highly talented Andrew Wilson, and the energetic Jenny Mah.

Go Canada!

– Kimanda

The Boulders Climbing Gym