Essential Beta?

Midway through the second day of the comp, and we’re all learning lessons. Like how to make instant oatmeal with only the in-room coffee maker… In a classic ‘don’t try this at (my) home’ moment, I will let you use your imagination. If you do decide to replicate this in someone’s home, here’s some beta: try having a spoon on hand, as the coffee stir sticks do have some limits; and, it is best to put the oatmeal in the disposable coffee cups, and NOT the carafe.

But oatmeal is yummy before heading into the cold morning at 6:30 am.

We all went to the gym for the 7am iso start, to support Natasha and Ashleigh.

They both climbed well, even though the routes increased quite a lot in difficulty. Ashleigh moves on to the finals tomorrow.

Next up is our afternoon prep for the speed qualifiers. It involves picking up our team photo at a local mall (starring a rather portly figure in a red suit with a white beard), and then visiting a local accessories store as part of the prep for the speed comp. Sure, the Russian Speed Dance helps, but we all know that it is all about the accessories.


The Boulders Climbing Gym