Blue Mountains to Bondi Beach

It is late (10:30 pm) on Wednesday August 27th. It has been a fun few days of exploring. Justin climbed in the Blue Mountains, and Maegan explored Bondi Beach.

Today was a quieter day, with a team trip to Manly Beach, and an afternoon meant to be spent quietly, getting ready for the qualifying rounds tomorrow.

We’re up early tomorrow, with a 6:45 am breakfast (we’re opting for making oatmeal and fruit in the hostel kitchen, rather than the scrambled eggs and ham from the cafeteria). Lunches for the comp are packed, and Justin and Maegan headed straight to their rooms after a relaxation/visualization exercise.

Tomorrow starts with opening ceremonies at 8am, followed by observation of the routes. All 6 caetgories climb at once, in a flash format. We know the start orders: Justin is number 28 in his catergory (his birth date!), and Maegan is 29th in hers.

We expect the afternoon to be done around 3 or 4 pm (10 or 11 pm on Wednesday in Victoria).

Both Justin and Maegan are prepared, excited, and definitely enjoying their trip. Maegan said today she was almost sad for the competition to start because it means the trip is closer to being over.

They’ve both been taking tons of pictures, and have been getting lots of shopping in! Maegan and I haven’t been able to figure out how to kidnap a koala yet, so we might have to bring home the pre-stuffed kind.

This has taken an extraordinary amount of time to type, as I just finished painting my finger nails red and white. It should match the red wigs…

Go Canada! 

– K

The Boulders Climbing Gym