3 Minutes to Faster Climbing

Here are the results for the speed climbing qualifiers – proof that the 3 minute lesson developed by Team Canada replaces months of training.

Justin – 3rd, moves on to finals

Liam – 6th, moves on to finals

Vernon – 9th, missed finals by one spot

Maegan Kelleway – 7th place, moves on to speed finals

Natasha – moves on to speed finals and

Ben is just way too cool to speed climb.

Because I have to leave for home before the speed finals (how is that for planning?), I have deputized our two most experienced speed climbers as the first official Boulders speed climbing coaches. Ashleigh was disqualifed in her speed climbing round today, and therefore has a visceral understanding of the rules (ie… Don’t fall off, ever). Vernon will be her assistant, as he climbed too, and didn’t place last…

See? Delegation works!

Ashleigh is going to have a tough day tomorrow, as she starts the day at 7 am in isolation for the difficulty finals. She should be climbing by 11:30 am.

Then, her coaching responsibilities for speed climbing kick-in around 3:55 pm. Vernon says he’s got her back.

Wish them luck!


The Boulders Climbing Gym